30 Minutes Accent Training Private | All Ages


Join one of our expert acting coaches for a 60-minute comprehensive private lesson that will cover a variety of development tools you need to turn your auditions into recalls!

We are now offering online Private Accent Training Lessons for all ages via Zoom:

Accent Training Lessons – online for 30 minutes  – £25.

You must be off-book prior to the session. Sessions need to be paid for in advance. 

Spaces are limited so please let us know ASAP if you would like to book a session. 

Once you have booked your class online, the coach will contact you via email to organise a time and day that suits you.

These classes are a must for any established or aspiring actor and can offer insight, tips and knowledge you need to take that extra step forward.

Classes are taught remotely and safely via zoom.

These classes are open to non-clients and clients of all ages!